Book Review: Hannibal, by Thomas Harris

Seven years have passed since Dr. Hannibal Lecter escaped from his prison for the criminally insane, the site of his conversations with FBI Agent Clarice Starling. He has never forgotten her. Nor has Mason Verger forgotten Hannibal Lecter. How could he, left utterly crippled, terribly disfigured from his much earlier confrontation with the doctor. Now Verger sees an opportunity to get to Lecter through Starling. If she can find him. Or if he can find her.

Thomas Harris’s Hannibal was a fantastic read. As the title suggests, this really isn’t a story about Agent Starling, but about Lecter himself – his life, his early years, his incredible talents, and his enduring obsessions. The story is very engaging, in quite the same way that Red Dragon was – as a brilliant insight into a criminal mind. Yet even better written than Red Dragon with a literary style that does not inhibit the tension rising in the story, leading to the final great confrontation.

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