Book Review: Şühpeli bir Ölüm, by Esmahan Aykol

Bookshop owner and private detective Kati Hirşel is once again on the case, this time when an acquaintance falls victim to a “suspicious death,” the title of this tale of mystery. But was Sani Ankaralıgil, estranged wife of the heir to an industrial fortune, actually murdered? The police don’t seem to think so. The press have reported on her accidental death. And yet Kati cannot leave it alone. Particularly as the deeper she digs, the more reasons she uncovers for more than one person to have wanted Sani dead.

A Suspicious Death was a better read, I thought, than Esmahan Aykol’s first Kati Hirşel mystery. This time out, Aykol involved her heroine more actively in seeking to solve the mystery with fewer diversions into Kati’s personal life. Although the author still cannot seem to escape the temptation, as the story should be reaching its climax, to indulge Kati in yet another failed love affair. It’s also a bit difficult to believe that so many people in Turkey, especially men, would pour their hearts out to a female private detective, revealing potentially shameful and damaging secrets. Just because she asked them to. Still, the story was quite intriguing, better constructed than the first. Aykol’s skill is growing.


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