Demme, from Kardeş Türküler

The reason for all that commentary on Alevis and elections…well, I got distracted again.  I had intended to simply share another video with you.  This comes from Kardeş Türküler, their version of a Kurdish Alevi semah, song and dance playing a rather prominent role among many Alevis (another thing that separates Alevilik from Sunnilik).  Hope you enjoy.  It’s quite beautiful.  Sorry I can’t translate the lyrics below.  Perhaps someone with Kurdish language skills could give it a try.

Demmê demmê demmê

Çi xweş e demmê

Werin hev ra bigrin

He meşk û sem ê


Cema me şûna Ehl-î Beytane

Sema meye têra çend qible rane

Rîya me rîya Dewdu Îmamane

Xizir hazir nazir li ser rîya ne


Emê biratî bikin rê tevdîr

Em nabin hesîre ber zulumên mîr

E bên zemanên bêqeyd û binur

E rabe zenamên tarî û zuxur 


And do visit their website at  Well, even better than that – buy their music.  There’s a lot of music out there, and quite famous individuals masquerading as artists, who make tons of money.  But a group like Kardeş Türküler, a group of true artists with this much talent – they deserve your support.

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